Fractalic by Marcela Vavruskova

Marcela Vavruskova Presents The Fractalic Decorative Mirror Tiles

Marcela Vavruskova, the creator of the displayed work Decorative Mirror Tiles:Fractalic by Marcela Vavruskova says, The Fractalic Mirror Wall was created as a new unique approach to wall tiling in interior. Finding of random and nonperiodic structure <Cropped>

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Yi-sin Huang's Silence, a Bike With Sensory Organ Electric Bicycle

Yi-sin Huang Portrays The Silence, a Bike With Sensory Organ Electric Bicycle

YI-SIN HUANG, the thinktank behind the highlighted project SILENCE, A BIKE WITH SENSORY ORGAN - Electric Bicycle by YI-SIN HUANG points out, Silence is a brand new control concept bicycle. It was designed to have its own sensory organ where Karl H <Cropped>

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Lumion Visualization Competition 2014

Lumion: Kids Can Win $30, 000 Cash! Use Lumion to Create The Best Architectural Video You Can and Win!

Lumion: kids can win $30,000 cash! use lumion to create the best architectural video you can and win!.

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Lamp by Luca Matta

Luca Matta Creates The Infinity Lamp

Luca Matta, the designer of the displayed work infinity by Luca Matta illustrates, “infinity” is a concept joined to a lighting “body” that refers to use and function of brick. it will be possible to build what ever you want, starting from <Cropped>

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J. Candice Interior Architects's Cafe De Coral Fast Food Restaurant

J. Candice Interior Architects Illustrates The Cafe De Coral Fast Food Restaurant

J. Candice Interior Architects, the architect of the displayed work Fast Food Restaurant:Cafe de Coral by J. Candice Interior Architects says, The design of the 5th Generation Cafe De Coral is to create a luxurious yet comfortable environment with th <Cropped>

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Kaos Coffe Table-Coffee Table by Steinn Sigurdsson & Stefan Ingolfsson

Steinn Sigurdsson & Stefan Ingolfsson Creates The Kaos Coffe Table Coffee Table

Steinn Sigurdsson & Stefan Ingolfsson, the project leader of the awarded project Coffee Table by Steinn Sigurdsson & Stefan Ingolfsson says, The Kaos table is unconventionally designed. The purpose of the design is to create a coffee table <Cropped>

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Ceramic Happy Desk

Small Ceramic Objects to Put On Office or Home Work Desksarta Ceramica, Mexican Artisan Enterprise, Is Looking For Small Ceramic Objects. Items Should Be Functional For Work Desks and Able to Get a Smile, Even On The Most Stressful Workdays. Timeline

Small ceramic objects to put on office or home work desksArta ceramica, mexican artisan enterprise, is looking for small ceramic objects. items should be functional for work desks and able to get a smile, even on the most stressful workdays. time <Cropped>

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Artistic Lighting:isadora by Stefania Vola

Stefania Vola Reveals The Isadora Artistic Lighting

Stefania Vola, the architect of the awarded design Artistic Lighting by Stefania Vola says, Isadora, Series Luminaria, Suspension/ Floor lamp. Resin sculture, details in special steel corten. Led lighting. The Luminaria sculptures – realized in res <Cropped>

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SakÀ by Prim Prim Studio

Prim Prim Studio Designs The SakÀ Visual Identity

PRIM PRIM Studio, the project leader of the highlighted design SAKÀ by PRIM PRIM Studio explicates, PRIM PRIM studio created visual identity for the guest house SAKÀ including: name and logo design, graphics for every room (symbol design, wallpaper <Cropped>

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Valente-Bathroom Furniture by Sevil Acar (industrial Product Designer)

Sevil Acar (industrial Product Designer) Illustrates The Valente Bathroom Furniture

Sevil Acar (industrial product designer), the author of the highlighted project Award Winning Valente Bathroom Furniture explains, Valente bathroom collection inspired by the precious stones of the nature offers the luxury of designing your bathroom <Cropped>

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