Arts Hub:festival Village by Tilt & Lyn Atelier

Tilt & Lyn Atelier Spotlights The Festival Village Arts Hub

Tilt & Lyn Atelier, the designer of the highlighted design Arts Hub by Tilt & Lyn Atelier says, Festival Village was designed as the social hub of Festival of the World, a summer arts festival organised by London's Southbank Centre in 20 <Cropped>

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Embedded Design Challenge

Global Design Challenge For Students and Enthusiasts With a Background in Research & Education. 100'000 Us$ Annual Prize Money. Enter The Competition and Transform Your Ideas Into Reality With Toradex™ Computer Modules

Global design challenge for students and enthusiasts with a background in research & education. 100'000 us$ annual prize money. enter the competition and transform your ideas into reality with toradex™ computer modules..

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Faucet Basin Mixer by Ctesi-barros & Moreira, S.a

Ctesi-barros & Moreira, S.a. Presents The Smooth Faucet Basin Mixer

Ctesi - Barros & Moreira, S.A., the creator of the award winning design Smooth - Faucet Basin Mixer by Ctesi - Barros & Moreira, S.A. demonstrates, The design of the Smooth faucet basin mixer is inspired in the purest form of a cylinder, maki <Cropped>

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Creative Photography:black&white Queens by Charlotte's Look Charlotte Rothpletz

Charlotte's Look Charlotte Rothpletz Presents The Black&white Queens Creative Photography

Charlotte's Look Charlotte Rothpletz, the thinktank behind the award winning design Award Winning Black&White Queens Creative photography spells out, My artistic name is Charlotte's Look. I'm a model but I have also an artistic min <Cropped>

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Chair, Stacking Chair by Juergen Josef Goetzmann

Juergen Josef Goetzmann Demonstrates The Xifix-one Chair, Stacking Chair

Juergen Josef Goetzmann, the creator of the awarded project Chair, Stacking Chair:xifix-one by Juergen Josef Goetzmann explains, The design is based on the required minimum of physics and material, multiple use, indoor-outdoor, Corner Chair, Stacking <Cropped>

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Design Concept Contest Vivatis

How Could Future Products of Maresi and Knabber Nossi Be Found On Supermarket Shelves? Join The Contest, Share Your Concepts and Win Unique Prizes Worth 26 800€hi Competitors, Right Now We Have a Contest Running That Could Be Really Interesting For

How could future products of maresi and knabber nossi be found on supermarket shelves? join the contest, share your concepts and win unique prizes worth 26 800€Hi competitors, right now we have a contest running that could be really interesting <Cropped>

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Modular Wall System by James Hoefler

James Hoefler Portrays The Xoomrooms Modular Wall System

James Hoefler, the creator of the highlighted work XoomRooms - Modular wall system by James Hoefler explains, The XoomRooms residential wall system is designed for the Do-It-Yourselfer. XoomRooms walls are easy to put up and take down using only an M <Cropped>

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Carolina Falcão Duarte's Nidus Hospital Bed For Children

Carolina Falcão Duarte Shares The Nidus Hospital Bed For Children

Carolina Falcão Duarte, the lead designer of the award winning project Award Winning Nidus Hospital bed for children explains, Nidus is a concept bed for children treated at hospitals. The project aims to present a design consistent with humanitaria <Cropped>

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The Past-Residential House by Andy Tan

Andy Tan Reveals The The Past Residential House

Andy Tan, the author of the displayed work Residential House by Andy Tan says, An elapse in time, buried deep in our memories, until someone shines a light on it. In the midst of modernization and technology advancement, we tend to forget the simplic <Cropped>

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Iv. Green-Go Short Film Contest


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